APPI - Asosiasi Produsen Pupuk Indonesia | Activities




  1. Provides assistance for members to deal with any problems regarding fertilizer production, distribution and marketing.
  2. Develops an information center for all members.
  3. Executes a general study in building new fertilizer factories including the marketing management.
  4. Holds seminars, scientific discussion on fertilizer related subjects.
  5. Holds exhibitions and general publication.
  6. Carries out researches with other.



  1. Supports the government in any fertilizer researches and development.
  2. Supports the government by giving any information and advice about fertilizer.
  3. Holds a cooperation with other institutional, either from Indonesia or overseas, for the development of fertilizer industry regarding the national economical development.
  4. Assists the effort of keeping the nature in balance and also combats anything that tends to create damage on fertilizer environmental.